Neuromancer a Review Without Cliche.

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Neuromancer by William Gibson is one of the most iconic novels of science fiction, it´s a “cult” novel within the cyberpunk subgenre. It is surprising to see the limited relevant information ( from my perspective )in reviews that one find on the web – as an example you will find extensive information about the awards Gibson has won.It´s very common to find reviews that are focused in the the book´s atmosphere: a society overly technified in which drug design and body modifications based on technological accessories are part of everyday life , this representation of a future decadent world where technology is the maximum constant conforms, in general , the information you’ll find related to the novel, although these generalities are needed and appreciated , shortly reveal the essence of the novel , however these generalities show us the reason because the novel has an important role in the emergence and development of cyberpunk.


I don´t want to mention all these generalities that many of the readers already know almost at the level of a cliché; the idea of this commentary is to surf into what make this novel, from my view, a very human story. To touch (a little bit) the sould of the characters.

-The plot:

Case, the main character, is cyberspace cowboy now retired due to a neural disease that was caused by his activity, Case is contacted to carry out an important mission wich is not clear, however the payment guarantee Case the opportunity to change his life. The main objective of the mission is releasing two AIs Wintermute and Neuromancer -owned by Tessier Ashpool . a billionaire family obsessed with eternal life, owners of Freeside, a resort in the area. The reasons for such release are the cornerstone of the story and here is where you´ll find the human escence and the desire to achieve full existence.

Neuromancer___Case_with_BG_by_no_sleepCase: Gibson describes the decay of Case by his addiction to designer drugs and meaningless life where all that exists is only a matter of survival. Case is a character in which the author reflects the existential problem of any individual who lacks opportunities for any individual to reality looks like his days are consumed with no focus or meaning.

Molly: Case´ mission companion. In Molly ,Gibson shows the obsession in which the individual could come to the seduction of technological advances that allow body modifications to enhance any human activity, without being described as such Molly is a ninja cyborg , considering that cyborg word is used to designate a creature composed of organic and cybernetic devices usually intended to improve the capabilities of the organic part through the use of technology;and thanks to these skills provided by its numerous modifications,Molly facilitates the work of Case.

Molly_Millions_by_bloodspitShe´s also described as cold ,calculating and ruthless with a story behind  that explains her nature. As well as Case she  lacks a significant reason to live; she also fears the emotional pain that cause human relationships.

Armitage: A retired military betrayed by the system ending with severe brain damage after a mission in cyberspace, Wintermute controls this character and makes him work in Its name to lead the mission that will give Wintermute the freedom It wants. Armitage is the clear representation of social misfit who hates the system to which it once belonged.

Riviera: He´s a guy who has a modification that allows him to create holograms and visual illusions, Gibson represents pure evil in this character, showing us how evil for pleasure is highly dangerous

 It´s not my intent to tell the details of the story, I don´t want to be a spoiler . I just want to show you why I find this book so attractive and not just because its dark futuristic atmosphere and its nihilism

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